👋Welcome to totle OWA

totle is an all-in-one Outlook add-in solution that fills in the gap in Outlook.

Exploring Key Features

Large file attachments, read receipts and notifications, as well as email template feature is available with this version. If you wish to use or explore other features, we recommend using the desktop version.

Large File Attachments

Attach large files and folders in Outlook regardless of email size restrictions.

  1. Attachment File Access Management (Setting Archive Period)

  2. Management of Large Attachments Records (Filebox)

Read Receipts and Notifications

Check when, how many times, and on what device the recipient opens the email.

Email Template

Create, save, and utilize email templates based on formats or forms commonly used within the company (e.g. Signature, Customer Inquiries Record, Newsletter, Announcement, etc.)

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